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Commercial and Residential Electrical Services

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Rewiring and lighting Services 

We offer competitive rates and quality service for New Construction, Rehab, and small rewire projects,Commercial and Residential lighting installations include but not limited to Parking lot lighting, illuminated signs, recess cans, Flood lighting, chandeliers, Ceiling Fans, and much more.


Service Upgrades, Distribution Panels, Generators, and Circuit Breakers

Installations of distribution panels, Single and Multimeter installs, Generator and transfer switch installations, Distribution Panels, surge protectors ,and Sub Panels


Electrical Repairs and Installation 

EV Charging, Light fixtures, Recess cans, Outlet installations and replacements, Electrical troubleshooting, New Circuit installations 




A1 Plus Electric Inc is a small family owned electrical company based in Chicago,IL. We have been serving the Chicago-Land area since 2015.

We pride ourselves on our high quality craftsmanship, and getting the job done right the first time.Our installations are only performed to the standard and safety of the National Electric Code. A1 PLUS provides our customers with high quality work that you would expect from a large company, but without the Large cost. 

The safety of our customers is of the utmost importance.We specialize in maintaining, repairing and replacing existing electrical systems in homes just like yours.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Grounding And Bonding

How important is it for me to have Grounding and Bonding? Grounding & Bonding is the single most important factor to having a safe and reliable electrical system, helps prevent fires. loss of appliance, loss property, proper dissipation of lightning strikes, and transient voltages.


Rewiring Services

Do i have to rewire an old house? If your home wiring is outdated (more than 50 years old), you need rewire you entire home. 75% of all homeowners insurance claims are from fires caused by family or outdated electrical wiring.


Panel and Circuit Breaker Services

How long does an electrical panel last? An electrical panel should last around 25-40 years, When properly installed, Many homeowners are currently upgrading their electrical panels, Due to the need for more electrical capacity for newer appliances, Ev chargers, induction ovens, and a much more modern day look, you may need a licensed electrician to inspect your panel for replacement if:

-The Panel has a burning smell

-Breakers trip frequently 

-The panel still uses fuses (instead of circuit breakers)

-The panel is to hot to touch

-Its rusty or otherwise visibly damaged

-The panel makes a buzzing or hissing noise

-Lights flicker or dim when an appliance runs or when something is plugged in

-The panel has mix matched circuit breakers that are not compatible with the existing electrical panel


Electrical Installation

What is electrical installation? And what kind of installation can A1 Plus Electric provide? When you install new fixtures, outlets, electrical panels, electrical service. installations are common for older homes, as they typically need for older homes, as they typically need extra fixtures or outlets, updated ceiling fans or repairs, to accommodate modern electrical demand. A1 plus electric installation services include but not limited to:

-Service Upgrades

-Panel Upgrades 

-Ev Charging Level (
1,2)(3 Commercial)

-Adding new circuits and breakers 

-Garage power installations

-Residential lighting 

-Ceiling fans





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